Honda Vario-Tech Injection 125 cc

Honda's move to inject all of its model line-up will not be long anymore. This week, Hondawill declare its intention to launch a spacy injection and duck Supra X 125 helmets in the injection. In addition, there is more info that is more surprising.

Sources at PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) claimed the 125 cc engine was preparing for his new skubek. Although there is no certainty of production and marketing time, the possibility of this machine will be prepared for the next Vario.

125 cc engine that will be used reportedly not much different from the global 125 cc engineHonda has ever released in early September.

Honda claims the new engine is more fuel efficient by 25 percent when dibandingakanwith 125 cc engine skubek conventional. These machines apply an offset cylinder.

The new pistons are lighter also features a roller rocker arm is also equipped with abearing on the as-its, like those used in Honda Supra X 125 Helmet In.

This machine is also equipped with the ACG starter motor cell combines with thealternating current generator. The effect, in addition to more compact engine, idling stop system features can also be pinned.

The technology is similar to the idling stop system that was already there in Honda PCX125. The machine can automatically shut off when stationary engine conditions in a certain time.

But there is no further information whether the ACG starter and features idling stop systemwill also be used on Honda's new skubek this.


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